things 11 (Winter 1999-2000)

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Editorial – Being and nothingness

Hildi Hawkins, The Betts tun: A mathematician’s essay in historical rigour
Harri Kalha, Re-membering Monroe: The anatomy of an auction
Erkki Kurenniemi, Supermegatechnologies: Some thoughts on the future

other things

Sarah Foster – Curly-wurly: Timothy Mowl and Brian Earnshaw, An Insular Rococo: Architecture, Politics and Society, 1710-1770
Kathleen Jamie – Things which never shall be, a poem
Tracey Potts – All that glitters… Celeste Olalquiaga, The Artificial Kingdom / Wayne Hemingway, Kitsch
Bronwen Edwards – Westwood ho: Vivienne Westwood: An Unfashionable Life
Hannah Andrassy – Just do it – Joseph Beuys Editions: Schlegel Collection / -Joseph Beuys: Multiples
Jonathan Key – Sic transit: You see them here, you see them there, you see those unmarked white vans everywhere
Liz Bailey – Mythical breasts: Xena, Warrior Princess: dyke dream date and feminist icon
Jane Stevenson – Country living: The strange world of the English arcadia
Bettina Schürkamp – Reinventing democracy: Returning to history at the Berlin Reichstag
Kate McIntyre – Me and my iBook: On Macs, life and more
Peter Davidson – Stone pictures: Landscape marble
Ezra Pound – The bath tub, a poem
Jonathan Bell – Web of intrigue: Enter the internet
Colette Forder – Nailed: The search for perfect talons
Hildi Hawkins – Getting a life: The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect, MCA / MoMA
Christopher Madden – My uncle’s dimples: Facial qualities
Luke Dodd – Dig Dig Dig: Mark Dion: Tate Thames Dig
Monika Parrinder – Move on: Getting on track with Prada sportswear
Kate MacIntyre – View from the edge: Only Human, Crafts Council Gallery, London
Paavo Haavikko – Right. Here
Stephen Escritt – Of ceiling wax and kings: A Grand Design, V&A
Sei Shonagon – Elegant Things
Rosemary Hill – Clive Wainwright 1941­-1999: A personal recollection
Dai Vaughan – Bluebeard: A short story

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