things 10 (Summer 1999)

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Editorial – Mind and nature

Alan Powers – Undercover surrealism: The story of Pollock’s Toy Museum
Jonathan Day – Life on the open road: Robert Frank’s The Americans
Jonathan Bell – Fetishising format: The CD and the seven-inch single
Marilynn Gelfman Karp – Loving the unloved: A passion for collecting

other things
Laurel Blossom – Freeze-frame: The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition
Jonathan Key – Stoned again? Julian Cope’s The Modern Antiquarian
Stephen Escritt – Modern or modernist? Modern Britain 1929-1939, Design Museum, London
Tuva Korsstrom – Turn and turnabout: Russia’s Economy of Favours
Rosemary Hill – Miaow! Mummy of an Egyptian cat, British Museum, London
Esther Leslie – Craft and power: Tanya Harrod: The Crafts in Britain in the 20th Century
Biswell, Key, Morley, Davidson – Flying lessons: How to make a paper aeroplane
Flora Samuel – Beyond our Ken: Barbie: Four Decades of Fashion, Fantasy and Fun
Robert Graves – The devil’s advice to storytellers, a poem
Douglas Coupland – Worst-case scenario: The TWA 800 air disaster
Reginald Reynolds – Snack attack, a poem
Samantha Matthews – Dead letters: a ghostly autograph book
Louis de Bernieres – Cat-atonic: Extract from the short story ‘Labels’
Liz Boggis – Flash bulb: Anna Pavord, The Tulip
Viivi Luik – Words for words: Extract from the novel Ajaloo ilu (The beauty of history)
Charles Barclay – Wings of desire: Classic Aircraft: A Century of Winged Flight
David Greenslade – Cardboard box, a poem
Laurel Blossom – Tchotchke schlock: Souvenirs of the Shackleton Exhibition
Hildi Hawkins – What we can know, a poem
Hugh Pearman – Lunch at Tempelhof: Revisiting Berlin’s military airport
Philip Graham – Confessions of a collector
Extract from How to Read an Unwritten Language
Rosemary Hill – Time and tide: the henge at Holme-next-the-Sea, Norfolk
Eva Hills – Cock-a-do-dle-doo: The Zeppelin raid of 23 September 1916
Hildi Hawkins – Pedigree chums: Elliott Erwitt’s Dogdogs
B. Rimanov, Military Personnel, Vitebsk – Punishment of household objects
Chris van Scheltinga – All in the mind? Ben Osborne, The A-Z of Club Culture
Sophie Hannah – Mountains out of small hills, a poem
Jonathan Bell – Plane sailing? Chris Burden’s The Two-Minute Aeroplane Factory
‘n’ – From the collections of Marilynne Gelfman Karp
Lisa Hirst – Peace on earth? ‘From the Bomb to the Beatles’, Imperial War Museum
Leena Krohn – The son of the chimera, short story

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