things 08 (Summer 1998)

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Editorial – Going with the grain

Lucy Peltz – The pleasure of the book: Extra-illustration, an 18th-century fashion
Margaret Campbell – Affie cauld and affie lonely: Tuberculosis shelters in Britain, 1900 -1930
Flora Samuel- A confession of faith in stone: Carl Gustav Jung’s tower at Bollingen
Hildi Hawkins – Keeping the Cold War cold: Finland, America and the Design in Scandinavia exhibition

other things

Jonathan Bell – Cut’n’paste: Destroy: Punk Graphic Design in Britain
Flora Samuel – Thought, word and deed: Shaker: The Art of Craftsmanship
Martin Amis – Real men: Extract from the novel God’s Dice
Rosemary Hill – A painter’s progress: Jenny Uglow, Hogarth: A Life and a World
Christopher Mount – Life’s little luxuries: Finnish Modern Design
Augusto Monterroso – The dinosaur, a very short story
Steve Baker – Mon velo: Cycling, writing, dreaming
Carol Tulloch – Into focus: Photos and Phantasms: Harry Johnston’s Photographs of the Caribbean (1908-9)
Georges Perec – On the difficulty of imagining an ideal city, a poem
Liz Boggis – identity::crisis: powerhouse::uk, Horseguards Parade, London, 8 – 16 April 1998
Pas car – Elocution rhyme
Andrew Bolton – Glocal heroes: Asia City
Anne Aurasmaa – Here be monsters, Myths and Monsters
Edmund de Waal – Leaving home: a potter’s goodbye to the things he makes
Virginia Woolf – Here comes the 19th century, extract from the novel Orlando
Philip Nobel – New car, New York: the 1998 New York International Auto Show
Victoria Kelley – Into the blue: the beauty of pregnancy testing kits
Susan Howe – Scandiwegianism: IKEA’s PS range and the Nordic design tradition
Rosemary Hill – Straitlaced stories: Marianne Thesander, The Feminine Ideal
Bettina Schurkamp – Sizing up: Rem Koolhaas, S, M, L, XL
Peter Davidson – The Englishman’s catechism, a poem
Lisa Hirst – Shooting fashion: Jurgen Teller
Hans Christian Andersen – The bottle: a biography

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