things 07 (Winter 1997-98)

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Editorial – Back and forth

Stephen Escritt – Sancho’s best Trinidado: Ignatius Sancho and the C18th London tobacco trade
Carol Tulloch – Fashioned in black and white: Women’s dress in Jamaica, 1880 -1907
Sorrel Herschberg – Check this title: English contemporary HK Furniture + the post-war new look
Flora Samuel – A door of experience: Le Corbusier’s chapel at Ronchamp

other things
Esther Leslie – Explaining the shadows: August Sander
Hildi Hawkins – Missing link, a poem
Philip Nobel – Mapping the city: The new New York subway map
Julie Burchill – Ambition: Extract from the novel Ambition
Gavin Stamp – Fly me to the stars: The tomb of Carl Morgan Bigsby
Jorge Luis Borges – Of exactitude in science, Short story from A Universal History of Infamy
Verity Wilson – Small things: Marc Riboud in China: 40 Years of Photography
Helen Clifford – Consumed by culture: John Brewer, Pleasures of the Imagination
Greg Stevenson – Better than bizarre: The ceramics of Clarice Cliff
Jacq Barber – Super Nova: Why Jarvis Cocker paid £28,000 for a set of old magazines
Gavin Stamp – Decomania: Bevis Hillier and Stephen Escritt, Art Deco Style
Judith Somerville – Best foot forward: In search of a great-great-grandfather
Tony Harrison – Long distance, a poem
Nicholas Oddy – Pedal-power: Cycles. A Tour of Bicycle Design, 1825-2000
Kate McIntyre – Spaced out: The Object in British Art of the 1980s and 1990s
Tight spots – Ten top tights tips from the collection of Anneli Kurki
Stephen Escrit – The name of the Room: sterreichisches Museum frangewandte Kunst (MAK)
Hannah Andrassy – Gardner’s world: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, USA
David Brady – A man’s job: Russell Flinchum, Henry Dreyfuss, 1904 -1972: Industrial Designer
Alan Powers – By George! A personal history of the New Georgians
Ruth Levy – Monkey business: Love and the sock monkey
Hildi Hawkins – Homeland: Carl and Karin Larsson: Creators of the Swedish Style
Maria Gould – Things like that, a short story

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