things 06 (Summer 1997)

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Editorial – Wanting everything

Rosemary Hill – Cockney connoisseurship: Keats and the Grecian urn
Shaun Cole – Corsair slacks and Bondi bathers: Vinces Man’s Shop and Carnaby Street fashion
Ruth Levy – GUI & WYSIWYG: A history of graphic design software
Grace Lees – Balancing the object: The reinvention of Alessi
Veli Gran – The collector collector: Words and images

other things

Hildi Hawkins- Inside-out: Pat Kirkham, Charles and Ray Eames: Designers of the C2O
Victoria Kelley – Object lesson: E. Annie Proulx, Accordion Crimes
Ruth Fainlight – My mother’s old leather handbag… a poem
Jorma Hinkka – Jam today: Zuzana Lickos’ Mrs Eaves font
Kate McIntyre – First-name terms: Objects of our Time, Crafts Council Gallery
Lisa Hirst – Not so new: Christian Dior, The Met, NY, 1997
E. Annie Proulx – Crossing over, extract from the novel Accordion Crimes
Harri Kalha – How was it for me? The Brilliance of Swedish Glass, 1918-1939
Clive Wainwright – Histor(icism)ismus: Die Kunst des Historismus in Europa
Sarah Foster – Shiny, shiny: The Silver Galleries, Victoria & Albert Museum
Ulrich Lehmann – No room(s) for designer dresses: The Fashioning of Modern Architecture
Eliza 5.0 and Leena Krohn – Anybody home? Computer psychology
Steve Baker – Off their ladders: Animal Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Celia Joicey – End of the century blues: Lionel Lambourne, The Aesthetic Movement
Stephen Escritt – Picture this: Jeremy Howard, Art Nouveau
Ruth Levy – Just my type: Contemporary Graphic Design in America
Esther Leslie – Hausbound: Postwar German Reconstruction and the Consuming Woman
Hannah Andrassy – True colours: Peter MacDonald, One Hundred Original Tartans
Kathleen Jamie – Arraheids, a poem
Katherine Sharp – No shuger no sweetmeats: Women in English Visual Culture 1665-1800
Colette Forder – Immaculate conception: The Persona fertility monitor
Hannah Andrassy – Dummy love: The Cutting Edge: Fifty Years of British Fashion, 1947-1997
Hildi Hawkins – The lone ranger, a poem
Stephen Escritt – Life after Le Corbusier: Charlotte Perriand: Modernist Pioneer
Gavin Stamp – Soane in Budapest? The migration of the telephone kiosk
Lisa Hirst – Hard focus: Contemporary fashion photographs, V&A
Charles Rattray – And another thing… Me and my Jag
Raija Siekkinen – things, a short story

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