things 05 (Winter 1996-97)

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Editorial – A kiss in the dark

Louise Ward – Chintz, swags and bows: The myth of English country-house style
Sarah Kane – The silver swan: The biography of a curiosity
Hannah Andrassy – Spinning a golden thread: The introduction of elastic into swimwear
Philip I. Nobel – Homesickness: Disney and the New Urbanism

other things

Jody Rosen – Imagining Manhattan: NYNY: City of Ambition
Simon Armitage – A hip flask, a poem
Miles Glendinning – Mackintosh, Mockintosh: Charles Rennie Mackintosh Exhibitions
Esther Leslie – Negative vibes: Gargantua: Manufactured Mass Culture
Victoria Kelley – Exceedingly good stories: Toby Litt, Adventures in Capitalism
Steve Baker – Altered states: Gabriel Orozco, ICA, London
Rebecca Arnold – Costume drama: Jane Ashelford, Clothes and Society 1500 – 1914
Frank Cartledge – The fashion of violence: Style and the football scally
Russell Flinchum – The He-Type: The E-Type Jaguar
William Carlos Williams – A sort of a song, a poem
Hildi Hawkins – Dime and again: Aika. Tiden. Time
Margaret Atwood – In love with Raymond Chandler, a short story
Maren Nelson – Is this seat taken? 100 Masterpieces: Furniture that Made the C20
Woody Allen – To be a chair, a short story
Susan Pearce – La dolce vita: Vases and Volcanoes: Sir William Hamilton and his Collection
Maria Georgaki – A nation of good children: First-grade readers in Greek primary schools
Steve Baker – Curiosity and delight: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Creativity
Lisa Hirst – The YSL’s in the post: The pleasures of mail-order shopping
Hannah Andrassy – Tales of the city: Frank Mort, Masculinities and Social Space in Late C20
Stephen Escritt – Where the art is: The Suppression of Domesticity in Modern Art and Architecture
Francesca Vanke – Swinish luxuries? William Morris
Charles Rattray – Looking at objects: The Glasgow International Festival of Design 1996
Harry Rand – And another thing…
Jyrki Kiiskinen – Marking time, a short story

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