They say we did it

Music things. Terminal Cheesecake in rehearsal, at The Wire / revisit the Internet Underground Music Archive (via) / music: The Mostar Diving Club; Whistlejacket; Gum Takes Tooth / from shoegaze to recreated Porsches: the story of Singer Automotive / A Diary of Whispered Truths (via RPS), ‘an idiosyncractic drawing tool/musical instrument [that] incorporates multiple visual effects and drawing tools with a complex chain of synthesizers and audio effects to create something strange and unique.’ / Radio Silence, ‘a magazine of literature and rock & roll’ / another publication, The Long + Short, has some fine articles, including an annotated history of sampling the ‘Amen Break’ and a beautifully illustrated article on the history of early synthesizers


Images of the Iberian peninsula: Country Fictions, photographs by Juan Aballe (blog) / Archive for Rural Contemporary Architecture, dedicated to ‘surveying, collating and celebrating Britain’s rare and often-over looked twentieth century rural architectural sites’. Recommended / Designboom assembles images from an upcoming exhibition of Google Earth’s chronicles of a changing planet / Jordan Mckenzie’s Woolworth Death Masks / Baufunk, the diary of an architecture student / The story of the ‘most complicated’ watch in the world / pulp book art: Killer Covers of the Week / London in data / the beautiful drawings of Luis Gómez Feliu.

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