There’s something moving over there to the right

The Z. Taylor Vinson Collection of transportation materials / Round Houses, a site devoted to a singular pursuit / related, Why our brains love curvy architecture / The Modernist redesigns / Very Visible Cities, speculative urban futures in London, New York and Moscow / design concepts and more at Kollected / play Mario, full screen. Play Mario, in paper / mymindabout, collecting art and illustration / the Innocenti Spider, a re-bodied Mini / every Austin car / the allure of the Dark Ride.


The Forgotten Band Planet / jpgs-only, a graphic design blog / Taylor Empire Airways, a blog devoted to the ‘Golden Age of Aviation’, i.e. 1919-1939. See also Airminded, which focuses on ‘airpower and British society from 1908 to 1941’ / Dogs on Ice, a science blog / how to make a stream train (via MeFi). Related, steam trains in China, still working at the Beitai steelworks / Owain Thomas Illustrating The News / Daydream Nation at 25.

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  2. this painting reminds me of something i drew when i was 5…

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