Themed parks

Apologies for infrequent posting recently / some things that caught our eye / a new edition of Collapse is now available / George Plimpton’s Video Falconry / how the Daily Mail uses rude words to boost its Google rankings / Watch the Titles, a site dedicated to credits / 500px, a new imagery site (via Coudal) / Sublime Things, an encyclopaedia of the unusual and seemingly unconnected / Pripyat 360 / things that are a bit broken (both via b3ta).


The Velvet Rocket visits “Hezbollah’s Disneyland”, or the Mleeta Resistance Landmark, a warren of bunkers and paths, littered with the spoils of an ongoing conflict – ‘a presentation of their conflict with Israel and a celebration of their role in it’. The sculpture/installation at the heart of it, The Abyss (huge jpg), is a literal piece of deconstruction, a jingoistic diorama on a 1:1 scale.


Temples of the Atom, ‘A view inside America’s never-finished nuclear power stations’: ‘In the years following the 1979 reactor meltdown at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, more than 50 reactor projects were cancelled across the United States. While many of these reactors had yet to move beyond the planning stages, a number of units that were well into construction were cancelled and abandoned.’


Celebrate Christmas every day with Linda Tripp / architects play with architectural Lego, in the latest issue of Icon / images of half-finished things by photographer Espen Tveit / James List, Craigslist for the super-wealthy / A display of 11 hand-drawn maps of London / we haven’t yet linked to David McGillivray’s hugely impressive magazine, Idiographic, the first issue of which is available now / Peter Nencini’s Boxed Works. See also the work of Joseph Cornell.

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