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A clutch of architectural links. Impington Village College in Campbridgeshire was created by Walter Gropius with Maxwell Fry, following the former’s exit from the Bauhaus and Germany and before he went on to ‘stardom’ in the US. It remains a curious amalgam of architectural influences and innovations. There’s an upcoming lecture day to celebrate the architect’s legacy in the UK, which also includes the private house in Old Church Street, Chelsea, marketed for £45M a couple of years ago / also related, a recent book on the Isokon Flats, The Lawn Road Flats: Spies, Writers and Artists, uncovers the artistic milieu around this pioneering structure / the Industrial Estates of Britain, a guide / “The story of the Haggerston Estate is the story of social housing in Britain“, a post at CityMetric / imagery: Modernism in Metroland, Architecture of Doom and Modernist Estates. Scavenged Luxury is also a fine source of the quotidian / Failed Architecture has a number of interesting essays on the relationship between architecture and society, including ‘Houses as Money: The Georgian Townhouse in London‘, which covers spec building, sub-basements and pastiche.

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