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On public sculptures and climbability: Davies’s 3rd law in action in Dulwich Park, thanks to Conrad Shawcross’s Three Perpetual Chords. The new works replace Barbara Hepworth’s Two Forms (Divided Circle), stolen from park four years ago (and presumably melted down for scrap). Hepworth is the subject of a major Tate retrospective this Summer.


Looking back. Mrs Deane on old attitudes to life and work in the Gulf, as seen through the lens of Western media. Everything’s Up to Date in Kuwait was the title of a September 1965 Life magazine article by George de Carvalho. Ah, the waste: “The natural gas from the wells is flared off, burning constantly in the desert – nearly 378 billion cubic feet yearly, worth fortunes in America but mostly useless here” / Vangelis’s Nemo Studios were where the composer created the Blade Runner soundtrack – an exhaustive look at the process (do it yourself) / Italy in the 1980s, photographs by Charles H. Traub / India and Burma in the 19th century, seen through the camera of Captain Linnaeus Tripe.

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