The Very Occasional

The wartime sketchbooks of Victor A.Lundy (via Metafilter). As an architect, Lundy designed the Warm Mineral Springs Motel, Sarasota in Florida in 1958 (amongst many other places). The motel’s entrance is strongly reminiscent of Foster & Partners’ Repsol Partners / paintings by Fred Ingrams / the top 30 Modernist houses for sale in France / Connell, Ward and Lucas for sale / wine labels by Steven Noble / Lego models by hachiroku24 / The Field Study Handbook / the portraits of Joseph Szabo / the return of the mighty Antonov AN-225 / minipeople, an atmospheric illustration tumblr / beautiful skeuomorphic smartphone animations from Covestro Lab / where oil rigs go to die / on the brief flowering of ‘Persian Palace‘ architecture in Beverly Hills / Rue Morgue is an online magazine about modern horror media / a guide to figuring out the age of an undated world map / the B3TA newsletter is back and links to Sgt Pepper Photos, a brilliant piece of photo research.

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