The uses and abuses of aviation

An interview with photographer Hélène Binet. Binet has done much to shape the presentation of contemporary work from the likes of ‘Peter Eisenman, Daniel Libeskind, Peter Zumthor, Zaha Hadid and Luigi Moretti’, acting as the bridge between the architects’ abstract intentions and the interpretation of the finished building / an icon for your back garden, the TetraShed / Symbolia, ‘a digital publication devoted to nonfiction stories told in comics form’ (via Design Observer) / apparently the BBC has finished scanning the entire run of the Radio Times, all part of the BBC Genome Project to collate the corporation’s complete broadcast history. Not available to us mere mortals just yet, but happily the entire TV Go Home archives are available on line instead.


Bomb Sight got a lot of interest last week. This interactive map of London’s Blitz experience (BBC, MeFi, etc.) shows a landscape of red dots, marking each point where a bomb fell during the war. There’s something uncanny about these retrospectively scarred cartographics (see also the database of purges of Moscow residents linked earlier), especially given the lack of historic maps. Simply overlaying the modern city doesn’t really give a sense of loss, either of life or infrastructure. Someone needs to digitise and overlay the The London County Council Bomb Damage Maps, 1939-45 and merge this with the data on See also V2 rockets mapped.


Visualizing 50 years of concerts of The Rolling Stones (via Kottke). Racking up the frequent flyer miles (via well you say that). See also this thread about the Rollings Stones fleet. For more in-flight antics you have to track down a copy of the Stones’ Cocksucker Blues, directed by no less than Robert Frank, creator of the series ‘The Americans‘. The above image is of a Lockheed L-749A Constellation, taken by John Krepp in Australia in 1973 and posted at

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