The tomes of Venice

What would the world look like without sponsorship? Creative projects frequently implode due to lack of funding (or else take years and years – see things gone by) and it frequently takes a commercial interest with deep pockets to step in on the proviso they get to stamp their logo on someone else’s train of thought. Time is very much running out for this Kickstarter, which aims to set up a pavilion and publication at this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale. We’re biased, of course, partly because we’ve contributed to the Architectural Association’s excellent weekly, Fulcrum, but the publication is beautifully conceived and offers a fine independent platform from which to discuss the myriad issues surrounding architecture, not least the ways in which the idea of modernity seems to swing on a pendulum between corporate and avant-garde positions. Support it now.


For the Camerons: Left Behind, Happy Flowers, 1987

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