The Stuff that Surrounds You

Fay Ballard’s new exhibition of drawings at Eleven Spitalfields is entitled ‘House Clearance‘. Ballard is the daughter of JG Ballard and the show is in response to the process of clearing his Shepperton semi following his death in 2009 and the house’s subsequent sale.

‘Whilst clearing her father’s house – the family home, Fay found herself confronted with ‘stuff’. Small possessions, containing countless memories that shape us and the stories we tell about ourselves. It is on these small objects that the artist’s attetniosn are focused in the second room of this exhibition. Drawn in incredible detail and grouped into ‘Memory Boxes’, of which there are 3. Box 1 comprises objects drawn from life, with every crack, crease and speck of dust accounted for. Box 2 holds objects drawn from memory and Box 3 contains objects representing the artist’s father, the central figure in her life who brought her and her siblings up single-handedly.’

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