The South Bank Exhibition: A Guide to the Story it Tells

A bit of shameless nostalgia today, tapping into the ongoing sixtieth anniversary celebrations for the Festival of Britain. In our projects section you’ll now find a complete scan of The South Bank Exhibition: A Guide to the Story it Tells, by Ian Cox, a fully illustrated magazine handed out during the Festival. Containing plans and guides to all the pavilions, it’s also notable for the sheer volume of advertisements and sponsors’ notices that bookend the actual content. We haven’t looked around to see if this publication is available elsewhere – it surely is, in one of the many comprehensive FoB sites) – but it took so long to scan and crop and collate we couldn’t bear to check.


Other things. Even big name architectural practices play pranks / Google Images now has Tineye-style reverse image search functionality / Stylepark features architecture and design / a quick journey around a virtual backlot / the subtle CGI of Black Swan (both via this MeFi thread) / Andrew Marr up the Shard / Fuzz, a documentary about stompboxes / Cathedrals of Desire, paintings by Michelle Muldrow.

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