The sound(s) of confusion

Electronicos Fantasticos, which ‘reincarnate[s] old electronics to elektromagnetik native instruments and create the orchestra’. E.g. Barcode Boarding / Axel Hartmann designs synthesizers / a Kubrick-esque collection of Onlooker Postcards, at SwellMap’s fantastic Flickr page (via Meanwhile) / Watergate Living, old school advertising imagery. Taste the aspic / Picture the City, at the Bank of England Museum (via BBC News) / paintings by Claudia Rilling / paintings and photographs by Peggy Kuiper / photographs of discarded objects by Daria Piskareva (and the occasionally probably nsfw nude) / some words about Wordle. Overwhelming for its creator, quickly and controversially ripped off. Try this version for unlimited plays in a low-key way. Or try Letterle to experience the music of chance / the Sony CHORDMACHINE, one of those quirky combo creations from the 80s / concept art by Gus Mendonca / quirky one-off Ferrari by Michelotti / music by Es.

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