The Secret Garden

The tale of a secret theatre in Berlin, discovered by one Dirk Moritz of the Moritz Gruppe and posted at Design Porteur. From the site: ‘An old cabaret theatre from the roaring ’20s has been uncovered in the heart of Berlin. The music hall theatre has been buried in 30 tonnes of rubble since 1934 when it closed, perhaps as part of a crackdown on the cabaret scene by the Nazi regime. The three level musical hall and restaurant was a cabaret venue and featured a grand ballroom, a theatre, beautiful wall paintings and vaulted stuccoed ceilings.’


Real Space, Imaginary Stuff, Rob Walker on the experience of curating ‘As Real As It Gets‘, an exhibition dedicated to ‘imaginary brands’, recreating them for the real world. Although, as Walker notes, ‘While imaginary brands have populated fictions for generations, some have lately been “defictionalized,” crossing over into the real world — and into this exhibition, since their existence is uncanny enough to consider in this marketplace of ideas. What does it mean to sport a T-shirt, like those from Last Exit To Nowhere, advertising Soylent Green, the Tyrell Corporation, or some other menacing product or corporation?’.


The story of the BBC News website, now 15 years old. And from 2007, the story of the BBC’s online presence / But does it float publishes a selection of images from Corpus Christi, a photographic series by Fabrice Fouillet about contemporary places of worship / yet more Soviet-era architecture fetishism, a topic fast approaching modern ruins, quirky Lego modelling and tube maps as a predictable things staple.


Who would have guessed that Richard Scarry’s Busytown would ride high in Monocle’s Quality of Life Index? / more town planning: Sim City’s ultimate construction set / the late Mark Bourne ran an entertaining film blog, Open the Pod Bay Doors, HAL / Supermarine Aircraft make a 90% scale replica of the Spitfire / related, Search for missing Spitfires in Burma due to begin.

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