The Red Table

The List Maker: ‘Notebooks and lists are, also, both the purview of the anxious.’ At tmn / The Book Collection, a photographic project by Paul Octavious. His short film ‘Indigo‘ is also rather beautiful (via Theo Inglis) /, Russian art and industrial design / meticulous still lives by Robert McPartland (above) / Walking Turcot Yards, a Canada-based art and design blog.


Architecture00:/’s WikiHouse project (via ArchDaily and MeFi) is a slightly more homely, DIY, crafty means of prefabrication than earlier concepts like Contour Crafting’s concrete jet robot / Public School, an Austin-based design collective / Love is Enough, the Kelmscott Edition (William Morris, 1897, with illustrations by Edward Burne-Jones (via Camberwell Illustration).


Xplanes short then and now series is great / Dezeen brings together a bunch of posts on bunkers, and other solid-looking structures / the story behind ‘Teenage Kicks‘ / a new trend? Massively single player games: for “those who want to play games that are more dynamic, not based on AI and not pre-scripted like multiplayer games, however, don’t want to ‘deal’ with people, [and] appreciate the privacy it provides.” via Edge


More about pirate radio, after yesterday’s post on private islands: the tale of Kitty Black, theatrical agent and translator of Cocteau and Sartre, and the boarding party on Radio City:

Knowing that we had at least 8 hours of travel ahead of us, I did as I always used to do during dress rehearsals having equipped myself with wool and knitting needles, as soon as we were under way I cast on the stitches for the first of a pair of golf stockings I was making for a friend. I have always found this exercise fascinates the onlookers as the pattern slowly emerges and heels and toes take shape, and the clicking needles seem to settle tempers when in the small hours irritation threatens to interrupt the proceedings. After a suitable interval, we arrived at Radio City and the boarding party climbed up the ladder and took over the fort.

The tale ultimately ends in manslaughter, under circumstances that are still controversial. No matter, for ‘The second golf stocking was duly completed in more normal circumstances, and the pair presented to its grateful new owner.’

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