The original postcard versions

Postcards, new year’s cards and much, much more at the colossal collection of Japanese postcards at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Above, From an Airplane (Hikoki kara), late Meiji era. We also like this: To Tomita Beach, circa 1936. There’s a striking aesthetic at play here, especially in the new year cards, a boldness quite at odds with the equivalent mass-market art in the west. There’s also overt militarism (no less graphically striking).


Neutra Cyclorama Building at Gettysburg Will Be Demolished. A few flickr images of the Richard Neutra building, designed in 1961, show the parlous state it has got into. Here’s a set from when it was still open / the NYT takes a critical look at London’s new architecture (‘I wondered aloud what Rafael Vi–oly could possibly have been thinking when he came up with the top-heavy design for the building that has been nicknamed the Walkie-Talkie, close by.’).


RIP Ada Louise Huxtable / S Magazine majors on landscapes adorned with skinny contemporary nudity / Twentieth Century Illustration, a sale catalogue featuring classics by Seuss, Sendak, Gorey, Thurber, etc. / Cabbit, a short film / YouTube Slow, slows down your videos / a cloak (?) of superheroes / photographs by Christoffer Delsinger / old school weblog, TYWKIWDBI (‘Things You Wouldn’t Know If We Didn’t Blog Intermittently.’)


This and that, a list round-up. The NYT’s 20 favourite book covers of 2012. Contrast with Lousy Book Covers, a tumblr / 15 movie posters from another time, photoshop fun for an alternate universe (to give the Hollywood machine some ideas, perhaps?) / 12 horrible plans for New York that (thankfully) never happened. See also, the New York that Never Was, at Untapped. Related, Sergey Semonov’s beautiful, ultra-composited and corrected aerial panorama of Manhattan.

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