The new urban landscape

Justin McGuirk on the cycle-driven Brandscapes of the new Johnsonian London. There is a valid frustration in the realisation that these days it is practically corporate sponsorship alone that makes things – anything – happen, be it a cycle scheme (Barclays), a ‘Village Fete’ (French Connection, an art car boot fair (Vauxhall), etc., etc. People have just grudgingly given in to the ‘collusion’ or they’re getting some genuine benefit from these alliances, and in many cases it’s genuinely hard to see how they’d happen without them. Related, a selection of Branded Art Installations.


Keri Smith’s blog, illustration / the Carbuncle Cup is off, with a fair bit of criticism of the idea of a finger-pointing, building-bashing competition in the first place / ANTS in my scanner > a five years time-lapse!, via Coudal, a film by Francois Vautier / Onion headline: Rap star Kanye West follows one Coventry man on Twitter.


Taryn Simon: Contraband, items confiscated (via me-fi) / videos by Photonicinduction / then and now imagery by Sergey Larenkov (via Me-fi) / London 1868 / ‘A very comical and natural-looking toy spider can be made from very simple material: the Tarantula‘, from Harper’s Young People, an illustrated weekly, May 18, 1880.

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