The new romantic landscape

From Building to Architect, a weblog / Fantasy Architecture 1500 – 2036, remnants of an exhibition / A Tour Of The East London Line Extension To Highbury / Ghost Box, ‘a record label for a group of artists who find inspiration in folklore, vintage electronics, library music, and haunted television soundtracks’ / The New English Ceramics, Hirst meets Ravilious / OUTLIER, photography-focused tumblr / magazine of the year, nearly / The Baseball Photographer Trading Cards, 1975, by Mike Mandel.


Minecraft Biome Hacks (via me-fi): blocks have never looked so romantic / Present and Correct sell paper goods. So much beautiful blank stationery in the world, waiting to be ruined / In the Meantime, a tumblr collating the strangely beautiful aesthetic of web-enabled surveillance cameras / Black Metal Movie, perhaps best viewed on 70,000 tons of METAL / graphic novel, a tumblr / excitable sanctuary, a weblog / Unit 24, art gallery/dry cleaners.

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  1. itrix says:

    The scenario looks like its made of legos. Nevertheless, it reminds of a cubism paintings but in three dimension.

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