The Museum of Anything, open for visitors

Christmas is coming, so time to browse The Book of Dreams: the collected catalogues of Argos, from 1974 onwards (the company was founded in 1972). Very slick, so possibly an inside job / ‘Online fashion twice as ‘racy’ as High Street‘ / Orange Grove Tool Sheds and Utility Boxes of Oliva, Spain, via MeFi Projects / In memoriam: Juliaan Lampens (1926-2019), a concrete master / impossible cityscapes by Benjamin Sacks, at Kottke / classic audio equipment at Soundgas / Traveller on the Road, ‘the dankest brand of organic ambient noise’ / marooned by Suez, the Great Bitter Lake Association / a French chateau time capsule (another one via Kottke) / read, mark, learn and inwardly digest McSweeney’s Guidelines for Web Submissions / ‘How a Cash-Strapped Generation Fell for the Fantasy World of The Modern House‘ / it’s still early days, but please visit and follow The Museum of Anything, a things-adjacent website that will also be carrying the torch of new writing about objects.

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