The mist closes in

A Thief in the Night, the classic 70s-era tale of global rapture / Penguin is taking a leaf out of Channel 4’s book, translating its logo into giant three-dimensional objects / images from the Danse Macabre (via BibliOdyssey – ‘no matter one’s station in life, the Dance of Death unites all) / paintings by Jen Ray / The Oddment Emporium, a fascinating tumblr / bikes and planes and architecture and more at Le Container / It’ll be a challenge to reach 54.5 MPG as Americans get heavier.


Remash, an architectural tumblr / Subtilitas, also architecture / pop-up cards and more by Bankladen / Discovery News, a tumblr / Ink Maps, a tumblr about literary relics / Moon Rocks Magazine / a history of the LED / The 50 Most Dangerous Cities In The World / the trustworthiness of guitars / Toblerone House by Studio MK27 through the eyes of a cat (via Dezeen).


Photographs of Tempelhof by Matthias Heiderich, a true colourist / Behold is a new photo blog from Slate. A sample post on the elaborate photo collages of Jean Francois Rauzier: ‘Hyperphotos are to panoramic photos what Google Earth is to a globe. You can keep clicking and zooming and clicking and zooming, seemingly endlessly, until you find yourself on a dramatic balcony, looking up a statue’s nose.’

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