The many truths unravelled

#UNRAVEL is a collection of devices making up a gallery-based, reactive sound installation, through which the audience will attempt to unravel the truth about The Narrator’s life by playing records from his collection.’ ‘As soon as [visitors] drop the needle [of one of ten 7″ records] on to the record the installation springs to life. The vinyl controls a series of acoustic, self-playing musical instruments positioned throughout the gallery which soundtrack the story as the narrator recounts a memory he associates with that record.’ / sort of related: autonomous Quadrotor orchestra.


The Polaroid Z340 has been around for a few months. What’s surprising is how long it took Polaroid to get this far; the idea of an instant digital camera was presumably being kicked around the minute the first digital cameras arrived / related, a rendered, imaginary Holga D. – high end industrial design masquerading as low-cost mass-produced object (via MeFi) / revisit Chris Burden’s epic Metropolis II.


A selection of Vintage Automobile Films / Sublime Flesh, ‘architectural experiments for sacred and sublime spaces / a new book on the work of Esther McCoy, the mother of Los Angeles architecture criticism. Compare and contrast with the words, pictures and enthusiasm of Moby and the freshly revived tweets of Reyner Banham (“The embalmed city is the necropolis of the insecure.”).


Architecture & Ampersands, a tumblr / Matte Black, a tumblr / le diamonds, a tumblr / Paper Planes, a tumblr / so, a tumblr / Canvas Cycle, 8-bit animated landscapes / the sheer density of advertising in the pre-modern era is always a shock / How I Learned to Love the Bomb, photographs by Marshall Sokoloff / bird houses at pockets of space.

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