The man with a suitcase

Never Underestimate the Power of a Paint Tube, ‘Without this simple invention, impressionists such as Claude Monet wouldn’t have been able to create their works of genius’ (via Nevver): ‘[little-known American portrait painter, John G.] Rand’s brush with greatness came in the form of a revolutionary invention: the paint tube. Made from tin and sealed with a screw cap, Rand’s collapsible tube gave paint a long shelf life, didn’t leak and could be repeatedly opened and closed.’ (above image is Monet’s palette, via The New York Botanical Garden) / Famed photojournalist Robert Capa and the mystery of his “Mexican Suitcase” (via DP Review). The suitcase, which contains 126 rolls of unseen films, is now held at the International Center of Photography.


The 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time / Mayan pyramid bulldozed in Belize / gig photography by Stuart Leech / Sniffing the Past, dogs and history / Merchandising is Forever, hypnotic animations of decaying Star Wars figures / related, Star Wars action figures, a hand-made selection, early 90s.

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