The Lost Car Dealerships of London

The history of the automobile is littered with lost names, as mergers and bankruptcies constantly narrowed the field. Borgward was a German brand, surviving until 1961, making a wide range of elegant and eccentric cars, pioneering technologies like air suspension. Recently revived, aimed squarely at the Chinese market, the new company revealed an impressive electric concept, the Isabella, and some rather dreary production cars. No real reason for the history lesson, save for the fact that the former UK Borgward dealership, Metcalfe and Mundy, Ltd. of 280 Old Brompton Road, appears to have been uncovered by recent building work. A small piece of urban history / Microsoft’s Direct3D team office has a Wall of GPU History / the cubist anatomy guides of artist Charles Carlson / The Book of Pebbles, a new book by Christopher Stocks, published by Random Spectacular. Way back when, the seeds of the book were sown in a piece for things 17 / A Food Tour Through the New York City Crime World (via Herb Lester) / This is a Film About a Band – Part I, a short movie about Morton Valence, chroniclers of down at heel romance.

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