The long arm of the past

Blitzed cities still deprived 75 years after war. It shouldn’t be surprising that bombing a city has long-lasting effects but this study correlates WWII damage with high levels of contemporary child poverty rates. London was not included in the study. From 2015, Blitzed, rebuilt and built again: what became of London’s bomb sites?: “Once you start looking around, it’s astonishing how often the bomb site of 1940 is the building site of 2015. Developers and planners are still working round decisions made when London was rebuilt following the aerial bombardment that began on 7 September 1940. More than 20,000 bombs fell on the city, destroying or damaging beyond repair 116,000 buildings.” A digression that led us to Nickel in the Machine’s post on the The Ring at Blackfriars / Well There’s Your Problem, a podcast about engineering disasters / seaside graphics at Eye magazine – Sea, sky, paint and pattern / a short film about uncomfortable moments, at Kottke / interesting to see who gets this commission in the real world: the DJ Trump Presidential Library. The concept is entertainingly alien to British sensibilities – imagine the half-baked mediocrity you’d get out of a building for a short-term, widely disliked Prime Minister. We wonder what will come up against Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects’ Obama Presidential Center.

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