The lies of the land

Archives and imaginings. ‘Search 1.56 million historic newspaper photos using Newspaper Navigator (via MeFi) / Shelf Life has been on hiatus for many years, but it is still filled with gems, beautiful scans and fascinating things / Toes in a Different Sand is currently awol, but worth your time / relisten to the BBC’s Out of the Ordinary / St Vincent plays Kerosene, from 2011 / 8(-bit) millions ways to die: Death Generator / Cybernetic Serendipity, a 1968 exhibition at the ICA that kickstarted a lot of contemporary preoccupations / The Narrative Impulse in American Art, a ‘personal selection’ by Full Table / a collection of artist’s letters (at the plaid zebra) / prints by Emilia Tanner / Citroen DS E Pallas homage concept by San Won Lee.

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