The infinite playlist

Marcus Dobbs creates medieval map mash-ups of London / The Ultimate List of Weapons Astronauts Have Carried Into Orbit (via Fanfare) / An Ice-Covered Russian Ghost Town, photographs by Maria Passer at The Atlantic / car thoughts by Serge Bellu / Esotouric offer ‘tours into the secret heart of Los Angeles’, both real and virtual / progress: ‘The latest iPhone has 11.8 billion transistors. So the chip at the heart of each phone is $1.4 billion in parts, no margin. That’s 1981 prices, 2021 money accounting for inflation.’ (via K) / speaking of money, a couple of designboom digressions. Optimists are back at it with yet another Space Hotel concept. The Voyager Space Station promises to unlock the ‘billion dollar space tourism industry’, no doubt facilitated by Mr Musk’s shiny big rockets. Worth noting, that the ISS development, construction and running costs over a ten-year period amount to around €100 billion. The return on investment spreadsheets must be interesting / the Burton-era Batmobile is up for sale. Actually this is just a ‘re-creation’, and is pretty horrid, both in terms of the comic book design and the anxiety-inducing scale. For our money, the original is still the best, even though it required the fatal alteration of the Ghia-designed Lincoln Futura / Old Crash is an instagram collection of wrecks. Lots of Odermatt in there / music by Eulogy Eulogy / music by vhvl / For your savage amusement is well into a series entitled Lockdown LPs, i.e. a complete play through of their record collection, ‘a 300 LP DJ set… in the order we find them and in full’ (via BBC News). A fine diary of memories past and lock-downs present.

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