The illusion of a wayback machine

An appreciation of the late stunt driver Remy Julienne / music selections: Heavy Birds; Automatic; Laura Carbone; Neighbours Burning Neighbours; Foxtrott / A map of Frank Lloyd Wright homes in (nearly) every state / card and paper illustrations by Zim and Zou and Raya Sader Bujana / miniatures by Raphael Truffi Bortholuzzi / see also Life’s a (mustardy) beach by Anna Bay / Storytellers, photographs by Magda Biernat / The Eye of Photography / Cars That Never Made It has a growing collection of vintage car brochures / an educational syllabus that uses the series Halt and Catch Fire as a teaching aid (via K (who had his own HaCF moment) / the origins of the insult-du-jour, ‘shitgibbon’, can be traced back to the UK music magazine scene of the 80s. Inevitably, Quantick / CAN Architects bring the spirit Memphis to a south London house. A little bit of James Wines in there as well / The Writer at Work, Tom Gauld. More TG / domestic exploration via online realtors, an occasoinal series: French ManCave Edition / sobering reading, How nature reclaims the places humans have abandoned, ‘What might happen to the entire planet, when humanity shrinks away?’ / Please Stop Calling Things Archives (via MeFi). We’re probably guilty as charged here. ‘Others have since pointed out that a flash drive is not an archive, that a website is not an archive, and that the internet is not an archive.’ Apart from the invisible labour involved, calling everything an archive also adds a false sense of security that the past is somehow secure, when it is anything but.

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