The Gingerbread Cottage on Haunted Hill

Help Me Expand My Home Organization Realization, tips and tricks for cutting clutter (physical, not mental) / A3 Tunnel, a blog about the soon-to-open Hindhead Tunnel / yet more rusting Russian relics, this time forgotten Soviet-era architecture. The photographer uses HDR, a technique equalled only by faux tilt-shift in its divisive nature / the Arving Startist, a weblog / Papirmasse, affordable art / 10 unconventional bookshops for your browsing pleasure versus the end of Borders (US – the UK version departed 18 months ago).


A selection of the world’s worst records, all kitschy delights, of course. Related, reverse snobbery and the Painter of Light, on the essay collection Thomas Kinkade: The Artist in the Mall. From the blurb: ‘All of the contributors draw on art history, visual culture, and cultural studies as they seek to understand Kinkade’s significance for both art and audiences. Along the way, they delve into questions about beauty, class, kitsch, religion, and taste in contemporary art.’ From the review: ‘Many of the contributors to Boylan’s anthology want to devour every last bite of their middlebrow cake, but only after each tasty morsel has been skewered on a highbrow fork. The problem is not that they respect Kincade anthropologically, it is that they respect him as an artist.’ (via MeFi).


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis house sells for $4.5m. A list of films shot at the house. Above image of the house taken from this page, Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Recorded by the Historic American Buildings Survey / see also ShopWright, the massive industry surrounding FLW-inspired decorative tat. Kincade for the ‘cultured’? / human endeavour, a blog about (architectural) photography and ideas. Compare and contrast these images of Camberwell with the ruin porn of the Soviet era linked above / still lives by Ffiona Lewis / Sleek Design, a French design blog / VW pairs up with MoMA to ensure instant aesthetic canonization.

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  1. Hello, really interesting blog/magazine just seen your pingback from the Human Endeavour blog, i am apart of Human Endeavour. Can i subscribe to this blog to keep up to date with your articles etc?

    Many thanks

  2. timd says:

    Your 10 Unconventional bookshop link doesn’t work – this shorter version does:

    Regards, Tim

  3. Well, Sleek Design featured in Things Magazine, such an honour and quite a bit of a surprise! Many, many thanks.

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