The Far Reaches of Space

Exploring the solar system in Wanderers, a short film by digital artist Erik Wernquist / The Scribbler, a weblog / Photos from the Bank of England’s vaults, taken from the Bank’s Museum. The images of the demolition of the Soane building are particularly poignant / Jerni Collection, ‘a passionate homage to the Golden Age of toy making’ currently on display at the New York Historical Society / a collection of contemporary camper and caravan concepts / see also the Blissmobil / the Vast and Ghostly Landscape of ‘Britain’s Only Desert’, photographs of Dungeness by Robert Walker / worth reading in conjunction with The Tree Farm, a Granta piece on the missing forests of the Highlands and the plantations that replaced them / converted Spanish farmstead by PYO Arquitectos / the life and work of Zvi Hecker at UnCube Magazine / the everyday landscapes of Venice, photographs by Claudia Corrent.

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