The Even More Occasional

The usual occasional collection of links. Apologies for the infrequency / a massive Soviet Futurism post over at It’s Nice That (via MeFi). You’d have thought that all the nice things on the internet would have long since been found by now, but no / Vinyl Postcards, delivered to your door / the wiki list of Lost Films / the Falcon Nest, a modernist perch / Hometowns, a photography project by John MacLean / Zannone: Italy’s forbidden ‘orgy island’ / probably a useful place to take your new Privat Smartphone / Mathieu Bernard-Reymond Converts Charts Into Monuments / also looks good: Brutalism in Tehran / A Mind Is Born (256 bytes) / Skywatching, ‘two artists explore spy satellite calibration markers in the desert — and trace the satellites in the sky today’ / related, Stuff in Space, an interactive guide / art by Michael Johansson / art: A Headlight in the path of our breathing by the amazing Daniel Danger, at the Black Dragon Press / the cinemas of Peckham / city building kit: ArcKit / Crawley Creatures make animatronics for film and TV / fossil hunter gifts: chocolate ammonites / conceptual design for 21st Century Walkman, the Elbow / available now, the Freewrite, a sort of hipster typewriter / the world’s best 10 filling (gas) stations / a new novel from Rosecrans Baldwin: The Last Kid Left / two tumblrs, occasionally nsfw: bricoblog; motorpsych; Atencio; gifs by Paul Robertson; darkshapes / Letters of Last Resort. To be opened after the nuclear code envelope. Via b3ta, which also has an interview with director Ben Wheatley / the global Fossil Atlas (via Kottke) / learn electronic music with Ableton’s handy tutorials / items recovered after the tsunami, photographs by Tomohiro Muda.

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