The elements of drawing

Delayed Gratification is a magazine of slow journalism, a concept that very much appeals (being aficionados of slow publishing ourselves). Presenting itself as a quarterly magazine of record, ‘a combination of almanac, essays and reportage’, DG’s index page plots its content on two axes; long-short and serious-frivolous / The Elements of Drawing, the collected teaching aids of John Ruskin (via) / a short history of Typewriters / Design Journal, a tumblr / Make a splash, a tumblr / Famous Magazines’ first covers / the Lytro. Focus after filming / the UK National Archives has a flickr set: for example, the Bombing Census Map of Birmingham, 1940.


Blather posts an interesting tale of the 1998 GUST expedition to Lake Seljord in Norway, looking for a lake monsters. GUST stands for Global Underwater Search Team, set up by the ‘controversial international journalist’ Jan-Ove Sundberg. ‘The expedition was to turn into one of the most hilarious farces I’ve ever had the pleasure to be implicated in, and more than a week after its apparent conclusion, the dust is still rising, rather than settling’. Lake Seljordsvatnet is cashing in on its monster, Selma, with the recent construction of a viewing tower on the water’s edge.

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