The Ear of Dionysius

Listen to the sound of the Ear of Dionysius, a field recording by Silent Listening undertaken at the artificial cave in Sicily: ‘According to legend (possibly one created by Caravaggio), Dionysius used the cave as a prison for political dissidents, and by means of the perfect acoustics eavesdropped on the plans and secrets of his captives. Another more gruesome legend claims that Dionysius carved the cave in its shape so that it would amplify the screams of prisoners being tortured in it. Unfortunately, the sound focusing effect can no longer be heard because access to the focal point is no longer possible.’ Now all you can are distant rumblings and the sound of the swallows.


Other things. I Love Fuzz, ‘guitar. effects. love’ / make-up for television, circa mid 1950 we’d guess. A post at the blog of illustrator Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva / batten down the hatches with 1-800 Prepare / magical kingdom not up to scratch? Ome (not ‘ome), is a ‘self-sustainable mini paradise than can be towed around the water at will… Created as a solution to for the alleged “frustrated owners” of the beleaguered ‘The World’ project, comprising a proposed 300 island artificial archipelago construction some 4km off the Dubai coastline, which has been beset by problems.’


‘Make and share’ with Shapeways, which offers ultra short production runs for 3d modelled objects. Such as this ‘teeth cup‘ by Lily X.Su: ‘Why is it that we find the cup so unappetizing? Could it have originated from survival tactics where we relate our proximity to another’s teeth as a threat of life, a reminder of predator and prey, poison and contamination?’ / I am a Shapeshifter, a tumblr / comics, cult and pulp and more at Bear Alley.

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