The dark side

Tumblrs. Laurie Rollitt, an illustrator / pale, curated contemporary imagery / House of Sunday, imagery / _soft finds, imagery, videory / Anti-Gravity Bunny, a music blog / Journalism is screwed, ‘genuine job adverts from the internet’. Looks like the writer gave up through exhaustion / Les Autos de Tintin, a collection / snow circles / Paper Great, an ephemera weblog / hand crafted model ships.


The Impossible Objects Catalogue by Jacques Carelman. Target meets Duchamp (via MeFi) / Chin Music Press publishes BooksRX (Vol III), ‘a quarterly curated collection of the best that North American independent publishers have to offer’ (via Letters from Here) / sculpture and occasionally nsfw art by Bernard Perroud / Robert Longo produces photo-realistic drawings on various themes, including sharks, cleavage and waves. The above is Untitled (Saturn) from 2006.

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