The contours of sound

Two great things come together, the cartographic stylings of Herb Lester and the ravings of Scarfolk Council; the guide to Scarfolk & Environs, a Road & Leisure Map for Uninvited Tourists / a walking guide to the modern houses of south London / sounds and music collated by Stationary Travels / more music at the Shoegaze Daily / 4ad vibe from Burrovvs / Cinetrii, a sort of film recommendations engine which ‘analyses reviews to infer possible inspirations behind a film. Enter a title to find other works that may have inspired (or been inspired by) it, along with the quotes that determine the connection’ (via b3ta) / music by Shearwater / music by Coastlands / music by still motions / The Guardian Archive is a good resource / Hymag, formerly the Hyman Archive, is a vast repository of 150,000 print magazines. Help keep it open, if only so we have a place to put stuff when it finally spills out of our cupboards and attics / apparently, My Imperfect Life ‘is a unique brand focused on Millennial Women in the Lifestyle Vertical’. So now you know / IM Pei x Robocop mash-up, spotted by SOS Brutalism.

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