The comedy book index, revisited

A Brief History of the Index at I love Typography (via Coudal). This post sent us back to The Indexer magazine, the publication of the Society of Indexers, previously mentioned in the archives. It sent us to the excellent blog of Society member Paula Clark Bain, in particular her series on the comedy book index, now in seven parts. Here we go: part 1: I, Partridge; part 2: Alan Partridge: Nomad; part 3: Toast on Toast; part 4: Ayoade on Ayoade; part 5a: Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn / Dawn of the Dumb; part 5b: Charlie Brooker’s The Hell of It All / I Can Make You Hate; part 6: Francis Wheen’s Mumbo-Jumbo and Strange Days Indeed and part 7: Richard Ayoade Presents: The Grip of Film by Gordy LaSure. A fine series.

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