The Colour out of Space

John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”, animated by artist Michal Levy who has synesthesia. At Aeon, via tmn, who also point us to Ghost Stories of Tripadvisor, ‘a dreadful directory of hotel hauntings’ / retro news: the Super Mario Game & Watch; Teenage Engineering’s Street Fighter pocket operator / put the blocks in the square / MIDI Disco / music by Revolution Peak / music by rook & nomie / the Lost Media Wiki. Helps us stumble on YouTube channels like the late David Cobham’s, a director of many teatime serials for children and adults on UK TV / a personal archive of Five Years [of] Live (Music), slowly being updated / Five Years Today, an online journal / excellent collections assembled at Public Domain Review, also on Instagram / Instant Lettering, a LetraSet archive (via MeFi).

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