The city sculpted

Alan Wolfson makes ‘miniature urban sculptures’, like Katz’s Delicatessen and Peepworld. Reminiscent of the work of Michael Paul Smith, who takes beautiful photographs of his insanely detailed car models in an imaginary suburb he calls Elgin Park. More photographs here and a book, Elgin Park: An Ideal American Town. Smith also builds miniature interiors.


The Winklebag Press is a traditional letterpress based in Suffolk / Apple’s Maps app continues to amuse the blogosphere, although it’s more than possible that people have started making up Map Fails for their own amusement / Lunch Hour Pops, a tumblr / Hunters & Gatherers, a good taste blog / Gifmovie’s archive page will give your processor and cerebral cortex a workout / Paper Pop-Ups by Jenny Chen, a fine use of animated gifs at Colossal.


The 1999 Sonic Youth guitar robbery continues to fascinate the internet: ‘But over the years, some fans have remained on the lookout, tipping the band off whenever a guitar for sale raises an eyebrow. This month, the sixth and seventh guitars to be recovered from the robbery both mysteriously reappeared within one week of each other.’ More information at the exhaustive Sonic Youth equipment guide and read the thread, ‘questions about a ’59‘ that identifies a lost SY guitar.

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