The Bland of Confusion

Histories and mysteries of the age. Towards a Cultural History of Plexiglass, in all our lives these days. For many, it never went away: ‘But in particular “fringe” businesses in contested neighborhoods, plexi refracts different politics and subjectivities; it marks patrons as suspect. Here, plexi isn’t backed by the power of the state, yet those who install it still do so primarily as a defense against real or perceived threat. ‘ / The mystery of the Gatwick drone, which resulted in the airport being ‘closed for 33 hours. More than 1,000 flights had been cancelled, and more than 140,000 passengers affected,’ although, as the article explores, ‘many [many] doubts on its very existence’.

The Weird Closet at Medium, ‘Where the Spooky and Weird Love to Hangout’ / Home by RM, an art space (via Wallpaper) / Michael Kane’s photostream, includes many issues of the great Smash Hits / sort of related, the song that became Take on Me / Amateurism delivers ‘global community radio’ / Cosmic Fuzz FM / lo-fi music projects at Blitz City DIY / C20 condemns the demolition of Tadao Ando’s wall in Manchester / ‘Pose, Puzzle, and Shifting Perception‘, the work of Alma Haser / Drawings with (Delhi) Pollution by Witold Riedel. See also 888 beginnings and Views of My Tea / as the high street atrophies, online shopping veers between the gauzy veil of scam-infested, Instagram-driven Dropshipping and the tastefully pastel-hued land of the ‘Blands’, new companies that are deftly marketed as disruptors that have a personal connection to you, the consumer. Welcome to Your Bland New World: ‘Why do disruptive startups slavishly follow an identikit formula of business model, look and feel, and tone of voice? Because it works, sort of.’

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