The best bits are 8-bits

Superlatives, photographs by Christoph Morlinghaus / art by Calder Moore / Japanese prints at the Egenolf Gallery / paintings by Jesse Dayan / Rare Historical Photos / Graphing Parking, car use in facts, figures, and diagrams / illustration by Guy Billout / vintage video games for sale at Lulu Berlu / Super Planet Crash! / an Art Deco/Moderne house in South London that once belonged to the somewhat controversial Hans Eysenck / all about the South Coast’s exclusive Aldwick Bay Estate / the ongoing plans to build above South Kensington Tube Station / London’s Most Heterosexual Neighbourhoods: An Unofficial Guide.


Today’s Black Mirror tech story: Amazon’s Alexa could turn dead loved ones into digital assistant / unsettling art and imagery by Reuben Wu / the work of designer Jon-Paul Wheatley, who also makes footballs (Instagram) / ‘Five video games where architecture creates a “lifelike and immersive experience”‘ / This is a Recording, a traditional blog (hooray) about random pics from a personal record collection (hooray) / ‘… the Often-Disturbing Biographies of Great Children’s Book Authors‘ / ‘I bought a York City turnstile at auction. It’s the best £300 I’ve spent‘, a great piece by Daniel B-G / more memoirs, this time Rosecrans Baldwin on the Rock Star Next Door .


Seen everywhere, but great all the same: Bonobo & Anna Lapwood perform Otomo live at the Royal Albert Hall / recommendations for great narrative music videos / A Trail Tale, 8-bit hiking simulator (via b3ta) / the world’s smallest international bridge? / the LOLCat Bible Translation Project, via depths of Wikipedia. version / paintings by Orlanda Broom.

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