The art of building

Wellcome Images is the hugely welcome arrival of some 100,000 digitised objects from the vast Wellcome Collection. See also The Phantom Museum, a book about Henry Wellcome’s Collection, dating back from the early days of the web when this kind of vast image database was but a dream / sort of related, Dark Silence in Suburbia links to these incredible drawings for a villa by Friedrich Seeßelberg, 1880, at the Museum of Architecture at the Technische Universität Berlin.


OFWAIHHBTNTKCTWBDOEAIIIHFUTDODBAFUOTAWFTWTAUALUNITBDUFEFTITKTPATGFAEA: the MeFi codebreakers roll into town / music by Drone Cloud / yet more green screen musings / Showbag, a tumblr / Art + Architecture + Stuff, a tumblr / The Rx, a tumblr with a fine eye / 032C has a new website / ‘This meticulously crafted 777-replica is made of manila folders‘.


Fifty Years of Tape: ‘cassettes and their memories, a collage of stories and pictures’ (via UFO Hawaii). A life through magnetic tape: ‘There is this story of a young man who went to the library, took some tapes home, of whatever content, and used the empty space to fill it with noise. Then he brought the tapes back to the library. No idea if those tapes still exist.’

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