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things 7
winter 1997-98
Tight spots

1. Does your television channel changer have a tendency to wander? Slip it into a pair of tights and attach them to the sofa with a safety-pin. The infra-red rays can easily penetrate the fabric, and you will never have to fumble to change channels again!

2. To keep your computer keyboard clean, slip it into a pair of tights. Remember to choose a fine dernier and a light colour!

3. When moving house, use old tights to pack up your crockery - and avoid those dirty newsprint smudges!

4. Use a pair of tights to store your evening shoes. Pop your pumps in a pair of tights; when they are full, hang them up on a clothes-hanger. They take up no space at all, and your shoes will stay as good as new!

5. If invited on a Nordic berry-picking trip this summer, don't forget to pack a spare pair of tights. As your hosts will know, slipping them over your head will keep out those nasty woodland elk flies: they love berries - and humans too!

6. Persistent fluff in that awkward space behind radiators? Worry no more: the handy housewife uses a pair of old tights to clean the crack!

7. Hair too fine for a French pleat? Wrap your tresses around the leg section of a pair of tights and secure with hairpins. Use tights close to your hair colour, and plenty of hairspray!

8. Keep a pair of tights in the glove compartment of your car - if the fan belt of your car should break, make a knot in a pair of tights and use them instead!

9. Sunbathing in summertime by lake or sea, slip your drink bottle in a pair of tights and float it on the water. Secure the other leg to a jetty, boat or stake, and your drink will stay cool for hours!

10. An old pair of tights makes an excellent strainer when making fruit jelly or fresh cream cheese, best to wash them thoroughly first!

from the collection of Anneli Kurki

things 7, winter 1997-98

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