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things 17-18
spring 2004
Seen and unseen
old things
Tony Wood
The caryatids and atlantes of St Petersburg

Andy Crewdson
Swiss cheese
Lars Muller Publishers, 2003
Tony Wood
Titanic - The Artefact Exhibition
Tobias Seamon
Letters to Doughboy
A short story
Hildi Hawkins
Marimekko and me
Marimekko: Fabrics Fashion Architecture
edited by Marianne Aav

things in the city
Markus Nummi
A short story
Neil Rollison
My wives
A poem
Douglas Spencer
Walking around Paris
Maps, urban navigation and the avant-garde

forgotten things
Alan Powers
Low art in high places
Barbara Jones and the assault on taste
Peter Davidson
North-country mines and the decorative art of spar box making

things at home
Ben Highmore
Cupboard love
Personal cleansing in BBC2's Life Laundry
Avni Patel
Gods in the cupboard
Hindu shrines at home
Thomas Lux
Refrigerator 1957
A poem
Christopher Stocks
The subtle allure of pebbles
Krystal Chang
Things we keep, things we leave behind

moving things
Heather Puttock
Penpals and the art of correspondence
Tom Bentley
The Airstream caravan: retro travel ready to roll
John Weich
Charles Barclay
Butterfly, Richard Wilson

things not what they seem
Francesca Beard
The poem that was really a list
A poem
John Weich
The anxiety of everyday living
A short story

dangerous things
István Örkény
A short story
Limited Language
Photographs from the war in Iraq in the light of
Susan Sontag's Regarding the pain of others
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