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things 15
winter 2001-02

What's Cooking?

We do not believe that the world is made up only of words, but of things - objects, facts, affairs, circumstances and concepts, as the Oxford English Dictionary defines them.

And we do not believe that words, even written words, should exist only between two covers. The words in things do not address themselves to other words, but to real objects - objects of belief or veneration, or affection, or loathing, or curiosity, or even imaginary objects - in the real world. Nor are these things apprehensible only to the intellect or to the eye, but to the other senses too: touch, smell, taste, hearing. A meal is just as much an object as a book.

Sometimes words go out into the world and call objects into existence. In this issue, things goes beyond the printed word, working together with the Sonic Catering Band on the Apotheosis project, consisting of a short story and a CD.

The Sonic Catering Band produces electronic music on principles broadly following those of making (vegetarian) food, taking raw sounds recorded from the cooking and preparation of a meal and processing them through cutting, mixing and layering. Working with a short story by Hildi Hawkins, the band has record two tracks, Kitchen Utensil Ploy and Interculinary Dimension, that embrace eating and not eating, cooking and modernism, destiny and magic.

The Apotheosis CD is best listened to through headphones. But we believe that the short age of passive listening to music, which began with the widespread availability of audio recordings and ended with the coming of the internet (see The future of music? in this issue), is a thing of the past. Eating is nothing without cooking. Early in the New Year we will be posting the dry sounds that went into the making of the Apotheosis on the website, and invite you to mix your own music and send it to us. The best tracks will appear on the things website.

Happy listening! Happy cooking!

things 15, Winter 2001/02

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