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things 15
winter 2001-02
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Diplomatic Gifts
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The Property of a minor diplomat
Objects from the Ars Diplomatica collection, East Dean Museum of Forgotten Objects

Two wood and silk fans, red, yellow and blue, bearing the legend 'Korea: Land of Morning Calm', and bearing the number of the Korea National Tourism Corporation (London Office (01) 409 2100. Date unknown

One 'Fleur minivase' (Decor Jackie Lynd), Boda Shop, Sweden, in clear glass with blue floral motif. Gift of Mrs Ewa Hagbert, date unknown.

One Pewter Candy Dish manufactured by Connecticut House Pewterers. Date and donor unknown.

One bronze medal in silk presentation case. Legend, 'Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force,' Date and donor unknown.

One circular painted wooden board, bearing impressionistic image of huts on stilts. Rope edging. Sticker on reverse says £4. Date and donor unknown.

6 red and green tartan pattern coasters in 100% polypropylene. Manufactured by chene-sasseville (accents on the chene 'e's), Quebec. The gift of Heather J.Dean. 'Thank you for including us in your Christmas luncheon. The best of the season.' Date unknown

One blue and white china oil jar (and stand), bearing the legend, 'Mr and Mrs Suharso, INDONESIA.' Date unknown.

Carved elephant bookend, with hinge. Date and donor unknown.

One cloisonné enamel pot, with turned metal lid and pink floral decoration. The gift of Yang Shuying, Embassy of the People's Republic of China, date unknown.

Two pewter dishes (Selangor Pewter, 97%), each bearing an embossed map of Malaysia. Date and donor unknown.

Carved and painted balsawood Canada goose. Sticker on base says, 'Canada goose.' Date and donor unknown.

China statuette of small boy in duffel coat and bag. 'Nino presto a la excursion' (No. 1036). Presented in cardboard box with wood shaving packing. Date and donor unknown.

One fan of unknown material, with the words 'Indonesia' written on in felt tip pen. Date and donor unknown.

Small metal ashtray, bearing the Chilean coat of arms and the motto 'Republica de Chile.' Date and donor unknown.

'An original Painting on Peepal Leaf by an Indian Artist from India With Compliments of Copper Chimney London.' Date and donor unknown.

One glass shell-shaped ashtray with twin gold butterfly trim. Date and donor unknown.

One glass candlestick holder. Date and donor unknown.

'The Pennsylvania Pewter Cup: America's Story in Pewter.' made by Salisbury Pewter, Inc, Salisbury, Maryland. Date and donor unknown. Label reads:

'Of all the early styles of American drinking vessels, none has more interest to us than the straight-sided beaker. Often referred to as a "Julep Cup", this simple yet elegant design shows up throughout America, with regional variations, in a pattern which resembles our migration to the South and West. Salisbury Pewter's Pennsylvania Cup recreates with pride the work of Johann Christoph Heyne of Lancaster, 1756-1780. Heyne's beaker is one of the earliest and most rare examples of this marvellous cup.'

A decorative letter opener in case, in the shape of a miniature sword and scabbard. Card bearing the words, 'Brazilian Air Force Academy Cadet's "Espadim"'. Date and donor unknown.

A green glass cockerel. Date and donor unknown.

Sample of Hungarian national costume. Red. Small. Date and donor unknown.

A glass swan with golden neck in the style of Swarovski. Date and donor unknown.

A hand-painted Egyptian onyx tablet, with rear-mounted hook for hanging. Date and donor unknown.

A hand-painted portrait of Tutankamen on papyrus. Date and donor unknown.

A 10cm china plate bearing a dramatic picture of a brown bear. Rear of plate bears 'Fauna Norvegica: Bjorn - Bear, Ursus Arctos. (L).' Made in Norway. Date and donor unknown.

An ashtray (medium) by Saulo, Norway. 'The Saulo Product line is made of genuine natural materials; copper ore and pure brass.' The present of Dars and Lise Finstad. Date unknown.

A white stoneware rabbit, approximately 4cm high. Date and donor unknown.

A leather container, approximately 4cm in diameter and 10cm high with prominent laced leather stitching. Bearing the stamp, Republica Oriental del Uruguay.' Date and donor unknown.

A set of nine miniature plates bearing Spanish coats of arms. Ceramica Maribel. Date and donor unknown.

A small copper pot with bird and jewel motif on lid. 'Chile' scratched on underside. Date and donor unknown.

A miniature 3cm envelope in silver (for storing stamps) with wooden presentation stand. Stamped with the words Mexico Plateado. Date and donor unknown.

A 15cm plate with a black and white illustration in the early art deco style. The words, 'reszlet SZASZ_Napfeny"c.alkotasabol.' Hungary. Date and donor unknown.

An imitation tree constructed from clusters of amethyst crystal and gold-coloured wire, and mounted in granite. Height 5cm. Date and donor unknown.

A lacquered oval dish, approximately 20cm in diameter, together with presentation box and stand, depicting fishing junks at sunset. The gift of Captain Yin Xianyin, Naval Attache, Embassy of the People's Republic of China. Date unknown.

A Chilean 'Corvo' knife with steel blade and wooden handle, complete with presentation leather sheaf. Leaflet reads:

"The "Corvo". It is the favorite weapon of the "ROTO CHILENO" (Fearles Chilean), with which he wrote golden pages of the undefeated military history of the country. It was glorified on the battlefield where the enemy, terrified by its power, baptized it "The Devil's Finger Nail". The "CORVO" either mutilates or kills. On this rest its reputation that combined with the consummate skill of the Chilean soldier in wielding it, discourages the enemy from engaging in hand to hand combat. The "CORVO" is the right hand of the Chilean soldier. It anticipates death and permanently terrorizes the hearts of those who face it."

The humorous book, 'The Swedes - Off the record,' by Willy Breinhost with illustrations by REMO. Published by Viking Forlag, Stockholm, 1986. Donor unknown.

A high precision brass candlestick and snuffer. Sweden. Date and donor unknown.

Flannel Flower, pressed flower arrangement mounted in square strawberry pink cardboard frame and sealed in plastic. Rear sticker reads, 'Australian Wild Flowers by CLEMATIS CRAFTS. Tel.: (059) 68 3350. Plants used are grown privately or commercially. All are insecticide treated.' Date and donor unknown.

A heart-shaped china pot. Lid bears the logo, 'With Love From ISRAEL.'

A decorative object with circular base and revolving circular picture frame featuring an image of a bird. Origin, China. Date unknown.

A Royal Crystal Rock glass vase, approximately 15cm high. Made in Italy. Date and donor unknown.

A porcelain flower basket with yellow flowers and yellow ribbon motif. Manufactured by Fabar, Artistic Capodimonte Porcelain, Italy. 'Items created by highly qualified artists.' Date and donor unknown.

'Painting curtain with golden thread' in original box bearing the words 'Made in the People's Republic of China.' Date and donor unknown.

A gilt-edged framed picture of the 'Arco di Costantino, Rome', printed on gold paper. Frame bears the picture, 'Garanzia: Pittura a mano di Maestri Fiorentini au foglia oro 22 KT.' The gift of the Italian attache, Paris. Date unknown.

A decorative leather ashtray in the form of a miniature saddle, complete with authentic stirrups and detailed stitching. The gift of the Chilean attaché. Date unknown.

A barbeque knife with cattle ranching scene. 'Faca churrasqueira. Design by Elmo, Gazola. The gift of the Brazilian attaché. Date unknown.

An embossed leather card case, bearing the design of ships, cattle and a flue player. The gift of the Bangladeshi attaché. Date unknown.

A replica Grecian urn, with 'Copy hand painted in Antica. Geometric Period 700-670 B.C.' Date and donor unknown.

A silver letter opener. Made in Milan. Date and donor unknown.

A reproduction Obsidian arrowhead. The gift of the Mexican attaché. Date unknown.

A brass statue of Shiva. The gift of Air Commodore and Mrs V.K.Verma. Date unknown.

A plastic and nylon lace effect fan with gold filigree feature. The gift of the Spanish attaché. Date unknown.

A hunting knife and black leather sheaf, with the words 'Exercito Brasileiro' etched on the blade. Made in Brazil. Date and donor unknown.

An Inca-effect embossed metal plate, approximately 20cm in diameter, bearing the word 'Mexico'. Date and donor unknown.

A wooden hand-painted black dish approximately 12cm in diameter bearing the words 'Fuerza Aerea Mexicana' and a crest. Date and donor unknown.

A thin metal dish with brass medallion detail, approximately 12cm in diameter, with three circular legs. The gift of Major General Benjamin Pacheco Coronel, Mexico. Date unknown.

A stainless steel Delft blue handle Cheese Slicer, in packaging bearing the image of a blue windmill. Manufactured by Elesva, Amsterdam and bearing the price sticker '80.0'. Date and donor unknown.

A pair of Delft blue handle salad servers in wood effect plastic. Manufactories by Elesva, Amsterdam. Date and donor unknown.

A set of seven Russian dolls. A set of two Russian dolls. The gift of the Russian Attaché. Date unknown.

'With the compliments of The Military, Naval and Air Attaché, Colonel Tin Oo. 'A scene from Pagan, Burma', picture handmade with straw, May 1989, Embassy of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma.

Lion Car Nr 68, manufactured by DAF trucks. A scale model of a 1900cc DAF truck, with the legend, 'Annual Lunch 1989 Military Attaché Assocation' on the side, complete with presentation box.

things 15, Winter 2001/02

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