Ten Years Ago

Sifting through the archives, we found a few posts that never made it to our new domain a decade ago. For the sake of completism, here they are, dead links and all: Starting Afresh; Museums in a Box; Brand Extensions; Forests and walled gardens; Backs of things; Imaginary places in which to live; Illuminating the corners; Perpetual motion and urban drifts. Prepare for dead links aplenty, but also a snapshot of what was interesting online a decade ago / some other, more recent, things. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought with cash? (via tmn / film history with Ryan McCormick / Against the Clock, electronic music artists are given ten minutes to conjure up an improvisation. Courtesy of FACT Magazine / Animate, an electronic toy-making kit / embroidered cartoons by artist Peter Frederiksen / Esoteric Survey, a weblog / art by Hilary Pecis.

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