Technology, old, new and imminent

Harald Bode’s Notebooks, the design thoughts of the electronic music pioneer. Hear his Melochord in György Ligeti’s Glissandi / The JAVASCRIPT MESS, ‘a porting of the MESS emulator, a program that emulates hundreds of machine types, into the Javascript language’ / Journey of Guitar Solo, an entertaining romp through the aesthetics and structure of the guitar solo. Another excuse to link to the entertaining culture clash of Dinosaur Jr versus the Letterman House Band / Minecraft game adds Ordnance Survey GB terrain data.


The Peckham Peculiar has successfully kickstarted / Paper Press, a book design tumblr / another of our regular urgings to follow Archi/Maps, a tumblr rich in architectural history / Things that have happened, a tumblr / Dioramas! We love this / Tom Random, a tumblr / DUPE, a London-based art collective / Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum Blog.


BBH Labs, the thoughts of marketers / see also fullinsight / asi se fund carnally street, a weblog / Dioramas and Clever Things, a wonderful collection of things / Will it fly? Adam Ciralsky in Vanity Fair on the troubled F-35: ‘What the program is saying is that the J.S.F., your latest and greatest fighter, is restricted from flying in instrument meteorological conditions—something a $60,000 Cessna can do.’ / perhaps related: Automated Futures, ‘The Fiber Optic Tourist’s Guide to Post-Industrial America’ / Séance, ‘The Voice From The Great Beyond’. A board game from 1972.

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